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Download MovieBox APK finally puts a nail in the coffin of those fruitless searches for a good, reliable place to stream or download movies and TV shows for free. MovieBox nails those demons down in a search-proof coffin, allowing you to finally put your feet up and relax rather than scouring the internet in a frenzy to find video streams of new films or TV programs. Don’t waste your time trying to find another low quality streaming website, download MovieBox and get access to the top charts brimming with the latest trailers, news and updates from IMDB — watch free movies, TV shows and stream TV of any genre; action, adventures, anime, comedy, documentary, drama and much, much more, all for $0!

Whether you’re looking to download onto your Android or iOS device, perhaps you’d prefer hooking your PC or Mac up to your Smart TV rather than using mobile phones or smartphones, but don’t let the size of your screen get in the way of this free and easy way to watch TV shows and free movies online and offline. All TV programs and films are available in 720p, 1080p and HD, so it doesn’t matter whether you care about speed or video quality more, the high quality nature of MovieBox means that when you download MovieBox, you’re in charge of what you’re watching and where you’re watching it. Much in the way that Showbox has a lot of the same features, MovieBox brings high quality features and an expansive range of categories for entertainment to your mobile browser, but what makes MovieBox a unique piece of application software is that there’s no subscription required — everything on MovieBox is completely free! This one handy mobile application turns your mobile phones and smartphones into a veritable home cinema device, much like Kodi or VLC, but MovieBox is more focused on streaming than downloading movies and TV shows, freeing up your hard drive space and avoiding risky files finding their way onto your Windows PC or Mac.

Why download MovieBox APK for free?

Well, the fact that it’s free is always a good sign — never pay for anything in this world unless you absolutely have to! MovieBox APK is a free mobile application that allows you to watch free movies, TV shows and news on your Android device, so download it and you’ll never need to pay for Netflix again! Why should you pay for Netflix anyway, it’s an expensive way to watch films you’ve already seen, half of the original content it thrusts out into the internet is terrible anyway and there’s simply no need when you have the innovation of MovieBox at your disposal.

Whether you’re planning a movie night or if you’ve got a hot date coming over, MovieBox delivers when it comes to streaming TV shows and films, making it perfect for getting the gang together to binge watch a true crime documentary or if you’d rather snuggle up to a special someone while a horror movie spatters the screen with blood, gore and viscera. Whatever genre you’re hoping to watch, MovieBox has it all and then some.

If you’re not living with the best of internet connections, then you can always download whatever you’re looking for in HD — 720p or 1080p for those with a fancy Smart TV — and make sure you’ve got exactly what you’re after before your friends or that hot date comes round. MovieBox is going to save you countless dollars on trips to the cinema and untold millions in Netflix subscription fees. Just download MovieBox and you can either use it in your own mobile browser, download free movies and play them through VLC media player — or you can stream it directly through Kodi.

How to install MovieBox on Kodi?

Ok, so you’ve got Kodi installed on your Smart TV, Windows PC or Mac and now you want to add MovieBox to your Kodi library, adding another great mobile app tool into the Swiss army knife of your media gorging equipment. Here’s how to do it, follow these simple instructions and you can’t go wrong!

  • First off, you’ll need to download MovieBox APK which can be done right here on this page
  • Of course, please open Kodi once you’ve got your download of MovieBox
  • Click on the ‘System’ button and head to ‘Settings’ — here you’ll find the ‘Add-ons’ option
  • Don’t forget to enable Kodi to play from ‘Unknown Sources’
  • Ignore the warning that comes up on your screen, it’s as useful as sale by dates, just a means of covering the ass of Kodi by letting you know what you’re doing, but it’s perfectly safe
  • Return to the ‘Home’ page and hit the ‘Add-ons’ option again, where you’ll need to choose to ‘Install from Zip file’
  • Navigate through your file explorer to get to where you downloaded Kodi, but then choose
  • Asmall notification ought to pop up in the top right hand corner once the Add-on has been enabled
  • Select ‘Install from repository’ and choose Kodi4vn’s repository
  • From here you should see the ‘Video Add-ons’ option which you’ll need to select
  • Find MovieBox on the list and hit install on that bad boy!
  • Again, you’ll get a notification in the top right hand corner of your screen saying that the Add-on has been enabled, which lets you know that it’s done
  • So now, whenever you feel like it, you can access MovieBox on Kodi through Videos > Video Add-ons

So simple even my Grandma could do it and she’s been dead for several years! Download MovieBox today and feast your eyes on all that awaits from the realm of Hollywood! Get your hands on every movie and TV show that’s come out in the last few decades, entirely for free, because MovieBox comes with a $0 price tag.

Download MovieBox APK free and finally catch up on all those movies and TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch. Maybe you’ve just lost your job or recently gone through a divorce, but whatever the reason for all that newfound free time, use it wisely — don’t do anything crazy, just sit, vegetate and watch as much of MovieBox as you can before your eyes melt out of your head! Do it, it’s free and you didn’t have any other plans really! Download MovieBox APK free, do it now, download MovieBox right this second, it is free after all!

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