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Download QuickShortcutMaker APK is a free tool that lets you reroute your mobile software with easy to mask shortcuts, meaning you can change the icon of your apps, but perhaps more useful, you can create shortcuts and customize shortcuts on your Android or iOS smartphones with staggering ease.

I mean QuickShortcutMaker is really one of those dead giveaway names that handily explains exactly what the function of the app is and doesn’t really mess about getting too poetic. In fact, I’d rate QuickShortcutMaker APK as one of the most straightforward mobile app names since Fart Noise Button APK and Pigeon Shooter 3. So beyond just an incredibly to the point name, there are many other reasons that QuickShortcutMaker made it to the prestigious, much coveted position of top 25 most downloaded apps right now list.

Whether on computers, smartphones, tablets or any piece of hardware that has network access, the dream is to make your software run as smoothly as possible, but getting that sweet, smooth ergonomic feel is never easy, especially not when you’ve got clunky outdated hardware or just poorly programmed software to deal with. QuickShortcutMaker APK makes short work of making shortcuts, meaning you can navigate your way around your device with the laudable skill and grace that Ron Jeremy navigates a G-string.

How is such a tiny single-purpose indie app like QuickShortcutMaker getting so much attention?

Well QuickShortcutMaker has been doing the rounds, in part due to a lot of publicity from Erika Okumura — the International Co-ordinator of Uptodown — who appears to have been plugging QuickShortcutMaker on any page that the internet will allow her to. | wouldn’t be surprised if she’s actually the relatively mysterious developer, known only as sika524 on Google Play Store.

Either way, it would appear that anywhere QuickShortcutMaker is mentioned, Erika Okumura pops up in some way, shape or form. Some say she’s an animorpher (a shape-shifter who can assume the form of animals) others say she’s the long lost child of Steve Jobs that went rogue after installing an Al chip in the child’s brain, but most likely, she’s an app developer and possibly even the one who created QuickShortcutMaker, although it looks more likely that we’ll never know the truth behind Erika Okumura.

Anyway, what isn’t mysterious is why so many people have fallen in love with QuickShortcutMaker, it’s a wonderful app — perfect even — and more than lives up to its name. It’s simply too good at what it does for anyone to ever review this app less than three stars, even if you’ve not figured out how to make the most of QuickShortcutMaker and the quick thinking moments of ingenuity it can stimulate, it’s still remarkable at doing exactly what it advertises.

QuickShortcutMaker is basically the exact opposite of those penis enlargement pills that get advertised on porn sites and InfoWars — for one thing QuickShortcutMaker is quick at making shortcuts, thus achieving its stated goals and for another it doesn’t leave you with any of the side effects of penis enlargement pills sold by Alex Jones, such as (but not limited to) high blood pressure, nausea, balding, renal failure, grey patches of vision, dizziness, diarrhoea and a shrivelled member.

When you download QuickShortcutMaker, you know exactly what you’re downloading and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect. As advertised, it lets you create shortcuts on the desktop, as expected, it lets you customize your shortcuts and beyond that, there’s a secret function that perhaps was never intended, but certainly wasn’t blocked by the mysterious developer who may or may not be Erika Okumura.

The hidden feature in QuickShortcutMaker

While most folks are downloading QuickShortcutMaker to, well… to make shortcuts, quickly, QuickShortcutMaker didn’t make it to Uptodown’s top 25 most downloaded apps right now list by just being good at one thing, it has a secret feature that changes how people will see your smartphone.

More specifically, it makes it easy to mash shortcuts, meaning you can download an icon for an app, let’s say for example, WhatsApp, and then you can create a shortcut from the fake WhatsApp icon to your Tinder profile. This means anyone looking at your smartphone isn’t going to see that you have a Tinder account on there, instead they’re going to see WhatsApp. Cunning eh?

So not only does QuickShortcutMaker allow you to streamline your smartphones, your computers or your devices, not only does it work for Android and iOS, but it can also cover your ass when you told that girl you’ve been seeing for a month that you’ve already ditched Tinder for her! Brilliant stuff, thanks QuickShortcutMaker, a big thanks from all the adulterers out there in our crooked armpit of a world.

The main features that QuickShortcutMaker boasts are a little more straightforward and don’t have anything to do with illicit sex, so if you’re only here for that, we suggest you look at the rest of the internet, which is far more loaded with the sort of sexually explicit imagery you’re after.

Download QuickShortcutMaker and you can make your phone a flashlight with far more ease than the standardised model. Accessing the light on the phone is always a tricky one and yet with QuickShortcutMaker it can be so simple, just one touch of the phone away!

What’s more, you’re also getting the backstage pass to all those pages that were once off limits to you when you were just a mere device owner. Now, with QuickShortcutMaker, you can become a device master! Access all the system items, allowing you to create shortcuts to settings that previously weren’t available, which — unless you’re a recently concussed farmhand — you’ll have probably figured out means that you can enhance the performance of your phone and customise more once you’ve downloaded QuickShortcutMaker.

This, this is what it’s all about — especially for Android — the freedom to fully customise your device. QuickShortcutMaker smashes all concepts of what can and can’t be done with a phone or device, turning smartphones into smarterphones and gives you more control over computers, but only if you know what you’re doing.

Download QuickShortcutMaker APK free here and get yourself a slice of freedom. When you download QuickShortcutMaker you’re getting a free tool that lets you tinker about with things you’ve never even thought to tinker with and let’s face it, doesn’t everything need a good tinker with once in a while. Download QuickShortcutMaker free here and create shortcuts on the desktop of whatever device you’re working from.

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