Zombie Tsunami


Zombie Tsunami MOD full all - a unique game with large-scale sweeps of funny monsters. You have to play as a little green zombie guy who always wishes to infect and transform everyone into the same entity as him. You will move forward, wreaking havoc on everything in your way and biting everyone. They will turn into teammates and help you get a lot of bonuses.
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Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Mar 27, 2023
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Since its first launch on May 31, 2012, it has been ten years now, but this game is still very popular and loved by players. Mobigame Company S.A.R.L. came up with a unique idea when building a mobile game where humans are not the main subject. And this innovative idea has produced admirable results that not all games want. A fairly simple game but has become a monument in the hearts of many gamers.

Zombie Tsunami is completely different from other games of the same genre. The game does not focus on human survival in the face of monsters or undead, but on the contrary, takes zombies as the main character. What you need to do is try to devour as many people on the road as possible to expand your army as well as solve other tasks in the game.

The gameplay is simple but extremely new and attractive in Game Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami MOD diamond has the gameplay style of the endless runner game genre, and on the market there are many classic games of this genre, the names that can be mentioned are Temple Run, Subway Surfers… The key to the success of Endless run games is the extremely simple gameplay, you don’t have to worry about thinking about how to play, how to strategize effectively… The gameplay takes place. Fast and full of surprises, players cannot miss even a second if they do not want to fail early. Moreover, the graphics in these games are extremely eye-catching, from adults to children, anyone can join the game and even play without getting bored.

Join this game, you just need to touch the screen to let the zombies overcome all the unexpected dangers that come along the way. It could be the landslide of the roads, the bombs of great destructive power, the items on the road and even the helicopters, the tanks… And remember to eat as many people as possible, at first it was just a single but one thing. when the army of zombies has become powerful, you may have to be dizzy because of too many teammates, you will topple even a giant plane, sounds cool right?

Super cool variations of zombies

The unpredictable transformations of the zombie army will make you have eyes with their tremendous sweeping power:

  • Ninja: This variation will help you solve one of the most common obstacles, the bombs will be smashed by the sharp blade of the legend, no longer any danger. This is probably also the reason why the Ninja feature is loved by many people.
  • Giant Z: The size of the zombie becomes huge using this feature, not only that, but the zombie also possesses laser eyes that destroy all obstacles on the way, increasing the power to make the game more interesting.
  • U.F.O: This is no ordinary flying saucer, it will appear on the way to increase the number of zombies.
  • Gold: With this feature, zombies will turn into gold with the ability to turn everything on their way into gold coins. One note is that they turn into gold, not immortal, if they fall into the abyss, zombies will still die as usual.
  • Tsunami: This is a feature that is considered special and impressive because it is extremely powerful. Especially in that the tsunami appeared carrying zombies that destroyed everything without any obstacles. If Gold turns zombies into gold but still dies if he falls into a cliff, the Tsunami feature can turn zombies completely immortal. Be strong and agile keeping the tsunami as high as possible.
  • Quarterback: And yet, there is still the Quarterback feature where Zombies will wear oval clothes. They can easily overcome obstacles but are not as strong as Tsunami because zombies will still die when encountering pits on the way, but it’s okay to come to the next feature, the pit is no longer a problem. .
  • RiderZ: To use this skill you need to reach a higher level than before. Once you have reached the required level, you will be surprised by the zombie driving the racing car, when you fall into the hole, you can still climb up to continue the race.
  • Mecha: A robot appears on the handle of the saw blade. Wherever the saw blade touches, the obstacle will be destroyed
  • Dragon: Dragon or Dragon feature when hearing about dragons is associated with flying, yes dragon makes zombies fly for a certain amount of time. In the first level, Dragon still kills zombies when exposed to bombs, but after upgrading, zombies will be immortal.
  • Balloon: This feature helps zombies fly overhead and can avoid vehicles and pits on the road. The advantage is that, but in addition to the obstacles that are cars, vehicles, .. the plane is also included in the list of obstacles, of course zombies will not be able to avoid the plane when it hits.
  • PET: To increase the appeal, this feature is offered to players who want to buy eggs to have more pets. Pets help you earn gold, and each level will have a different pet depending on your rank.

Eye-catching graphics different from the player’s imagination

Zombie Tsunami Version MOD APK Level Max

In Zombie Tsunami MOD 2022, you can get all bonuses including additional money, as well as a unique MOD Menu. Play Zombie Tsunami MOD APK to choose the equipment, give the best advantage to the gameplay: unlock new characters, as well as additional customization and upgrade options. Especially the unlocking of 300 new missions so you don’t get bored repeating the same things over and over. Let’s break the massive record with the Zombie Tsunami MOD with unlimited money and diamonds.


Perhaps there is no need to say too much about this classic game called Zombie Tsunami MOD full eggs. If you are feeling too bored with the repetitive rhythm of everyday life, download Zombie Tsunami MOD now for Android and become a zombie again to sweep all things that stand in your way.

What's new

- Spring events!
- Bug fix and improvements
- Optimized for larger screens
- Blast Processing

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