Descent Into Avernus PDF

Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus is an exquisite DUNGEONS & DRAGON QUEST adventure that start in the town of Baldur s Gate and wind up in Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells! This dark fantasy novel has many memorable moments for a fan of horror fiction to behold. The story is set in a land called Arleas that is ruled by King Menfred and his iron hand Menes. Baldur is a young woman who falls in love with a merchant and becomes his bride but before he can consummate his marriage he disappears without leaving any evidence. This leads to his death and there are many unanswered questions and shadows that continue to haunt the characters until finally a band of hardened warriors known as the Order of the Dead arises and with Menes as their leader they set out to do some research to answer the mystery that surrounds Baldur’s Gate.

This first course of action brings the reader several exciting scenes as the brave heroes delve deep into the dungeons of areas. They come across several dead merchants, gruesome dragon attacks, Menes himself and of course the Queen of Blades herself. However, they are not alone as they soon discover a secret gateway that leads them directly into the underdarks where they are confronted by vicious beasts like wraith magics, basilisks and even wraparounds! The fighting continues as the heroes are forced to defend themselves from the many attacks of the monsters. However, it will be too late for them when a vicious basilisk manages to kill Menes just before the order of the dead arrives to finish off the threat. Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus PDF includes all the content of the game – the gorgeous cover design, the exciting story, the master guide, the dungeons and their locations, the spells, equipment and the creatures.

However, there is a lot more to this adventure than just killing creatures. If you are looking for a challenging experience with a dose of horror and fantasy in it, then this is the right kind of game for you. The Descent Into Avernus PDF will keep you engaged from start to finish as you use your wits and skill in battling enemies, exploring the dungeons and mastering the skills required to defeat the bosses. With a well-designed adventure packed with great story and excellent graphics, this fifth edition of Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus is an enjoyable role playing adventure that can be played by players of all ages. It is well worth the price tag and well worth adding to your gaming collection.

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