How to Connect AirPods to Mac – Using Your Mac to Read Bluetooth Headphones

You probably just got your new AirPods and have been eager to find out how to connect airpods to mac. It’s quite easy, actually. The first thing you need to do is turn off the adapter for the airpods. Your AirPods were designed to automatically connect to your Mac right when the Mac is powered by the same Apple ID as an iPhone. If that’s the case:

1. Open the case, like you normally do to connect them with your iPhone. Check the setting on your Mac to find the setting for Bluetooth. Usually, this will be set next to the computer’s system settings.

2. Now, to start how to connect airpods to mac, you’ll need to turn the volume up on your Mac to listen to music through your new AirPods. Open the sound settings on your Mac and find the ipod icon. Click this icon to bring up the Control Panel window. Look for your AirPods and open the Properties tab. list of available devices if you only have an iPhone or an iPad.

To complete the pairing process, follow the onscreen prompts to pair your device with your Mac. Your device will then show up in the wireless devices list. Click the + sign to add it to your list of paired devices. You can use your mouse to control your Mac as you pair each individual device, or you can use the tap-and-hold feature of the dongle for much more handsfree operation. After your first attempt at pairing your airpods, you should see the logo for the Bluetooth menu flash white. Follow the prompts, and your AirPods will start working right away!


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