How To Save One Page of a PDF Document

So you are wondering how to save one page of a PDF file. You’ve found that some PDF viewers such as the free reader won’t open a document you saved in the old style. You wonder how to restore the document in its old state. In this article I will show you how to save one page of a PDF document and it’s not all that difficult.

To save one page of a PDF in single page mode just do this. Open the file you want to save in the default PDF viewer, then go to “wrap” or “save as” and select “manage” next to the file. Now you will see the toolbar for managing PDF documents, you will probably want to select the “page tab” so you can switch between multiple pages. Click “ok”. This will save the PDF file.

The reason why some PDF files can be saved as single page is because this is how they are saved in a PDF format by most computers, so if you have this option enabled in your PDF viewer you will not need to know how to save one page of a PDF in some other way. Of course you could use a different PDF viewer, but why would you do that? Especially if it is free. The fact remains that when you save a file as a PDF using some other method, the file is saved in its original form with all its attributes intact. You can see this by right-clicking the PDF file in the default PDF viewer and clicking “print”.

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