Out of The Abyss PDF

The Out of the Abyss PDF is the first book in the Xenon Pearl’s Golden Age trilogy. I’d read the initial novels, but found myself wanting more of the steaming gunpowder and high seas adventure that this one offers. With an entire generation of Pearl fans now in their nineties, I felt it was important to add something new and fresh to their already successful fictions. So I ordered the Out of the Abyss PDF and had a nice long read, which I deferred to when something else would bite me on another novel.

One of the characters, Deirdre Skyheart, is found dead with a note from her husband thanking her for whatever services she rendered for him during their marriage. The next time we see her, she’s working with the expedition ship Endeavour and her new lover, Mathieu Dixson. The only problem is that she’s not human, nor has she ever been one. The expedition ship is attacked by pirates and Deirdre flees, but before she can get far, Mathieu is shot and brought back to Earth. From there, she teams up with two other humans and the adventure begins.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit partial to romance stories, but Out of the Abyss isn’t too far off from being a romantic book, even if it’s set in the future. It’s set aboard an exploration vessel, where the crew meets people from all walks of life, from crew members to royalty. While some of the relationships are predictable, others like those between Deirdre and Mathieu are unexpected and enjoyable. In short, it’s a great book with a lot of entertainment value.

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