Storm King’s Thunder PDF

Storm King’s Thunder PDF Review

Recently, I bought the Storm King’s Thunder PDF and had to read it in one sitting. There are a lot of good role playing pdfs out there but this one has a little edge on most. For starters it’s a full-colour book with nice easy to understand layout and interior design. The characters are clearly drawn and the descriptions of the environment are comprehensive without being overwhelming. There are also several appendices which give more ideas and examples on using the various magic items.

The book covers everything from equipment to spells to encounter and combat and even includes a short adventure campaign based on the One Thousand and One Nights (The Nights of the Dragon) play set. It covers equipment, skills, races and classes. I really liked the chapter headings as they were informative without being wordy or going into the specific detail of something like an attack roll or damage roll. The index is comprehensive too and will help you find things easily when you need them without having to read through the whole book again. The book also has a free dragon chart and includes a bonus five free dragons which are ideal for any campaign you’re running. All in all this is a book I would recommend to anyone looking for a solid introduction to roleplaying that doesn’t try too hard and doesn’t go overboard.

The book is well worth a read and if you get the chance to buy the entire Storm King’s Thunder PDF, I highly recommend it. It’s a perfect introduction to E-campaigns (campaigns run on a rolling basis) and can be used as a core book for any campaign you may want to start (The One Thousand and One Nights campaign is suitable for any level of experience). If you enjoy using the Storm King’s Thunder book (or books by Peter V Brett) I’d encourage you to check out the excellent collection of free dragon art available on AOC. It’ll also make a great starter pack for any new campaign or if you have some old books lying around you can even use the art in your next campaign. Good luck and happy gaming!

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