Tales From The Yawning Portal PDF

The tales from the yawning portal PDF is a stand-alone role-playing game book written by Keith Geddes. It’s an interesting take on a classic theme and presents it in an interesting manner. It presents a complex tale about the world of Dungeons & Dragons without diving too far into the minutiae of game play. Instead, it presents a quick, easy read that will help a player get acquainted with the rules and how the game works. The book is chock full of descriptions about each of the game’s races, as well as a look at how each class works.

The overall plot of the book is one about a young woman who has a link to the elemental realm of Earth. She has been hired by her brother to do some research involving the mysterious artifacts of that realm, and she must traverse the dangers of the Astral Plane and Mythril realms to complete her quest. Along the way she’s joined by a half giant, half human young man who she quickly becomes attracted to. What starts out as an exciting adventure grows into a relationship between these two characters as they learn more about each other and about the dangers that are present in their environment.

It’s a short, quick read that doesn’t try to teach a lot of advanced rules or mechanics. Instead, it presents a simple system of action and combat that leaves all the decisions up to you to make and helps you immerse yourself in the setting and adventure of your chosen game. If you’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons online before, this is a great introduction to the game and one that will keep you coming back for more. It’s well written and easy to read, which is why many people prefer to read tales from the yawning portal PDF rather than novels about the subject.

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