Waterdeep Dungeon of The Mad Mage PDF Download

The fifth installment of the D & D Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage PDF promises even more exciting adventures than the previous installments in the series. The first half of the book covers the background of Arlen Bales and his company. With the assistance of his former player character, Jackson, Arlen gets into a bit of trouble. The second half of the book covers the exciting action in the game itself and how to play successfully. I enjoyed the twists and turns that were thrown in, and did quite well trying out both PvE and PvP. There were some slight grammar and spelling mistakes, but nothing that was glaring or really important to me.

In my opinion, the biggest disappointment with the game was the complete lack of any mention of the original D & D games. There is no indication as to where the D&D elements of the game are supposed to come from, and with this game being set in an MMORPG, it seems very awkward to have characters not used in an authentic setting. However, I did enjoy the overall theme of the game, which is focused on using imagination to solve puzzles and fight enemies. While the combat and puzzles weren’t as challenging as they could have been, I still had a lot of fun playing the game and will probably continue to do so once I get the fifth book of the series.

If you have never played D & D before, this is a great introduction to the game. It introduces you to a new class of characters, provides a handful of quick and easy scenarios, and gives you a handful of combat strategies for when you are adventuring around the Undermountain. I will definitely recommend picking up the fifth book in the D&D series, and I am certain that it will provide another dose of excitement and adventure for your gaming needs. There are also several free online D&D games that you can play, which makes this game even more convenient!

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