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Casual game is a game genre that does not require too much time to plow, so this is heaven for anyone who does not have much time to enjoy a game with a long story. However, according to the development era, Casual games become industrialized and there are very few quality games, but Egg Finder MOD APK is an exception. The game is a convergence of many factors such as simplicity, entertainment, extremely challenging, sure to make all gamers happy.
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Nox Joy
Mar 30, 2021
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There are many successful Casual games in the international market such as Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja, Crossy Road, . . The common point of these games is that they possess a very simple and extremely attractive gameplay. Absorbing the essence of this, the developer Nox Joy has put in the brainchild and molded it into Egg Finder APK. And indeed, the game has been very successful with that formula when putting the player experience first.

Egg Finder MOD APK says yes to three no, ie no fuss, no plot and no main character. Transform into a guy who is trying to get his pet through arduous paths (including pitfalls and tricky terrain, of course) The game hopes that we only focus on one goal. is to experience what’s fun on the go. It is this factor that players, even after completing the game, still feel restless and want to play again.

The simple gameplay of Egg Finder MOD APK

As mentioned above Egg Finder MOD APK is extremely simple in gameplay, all we need to do is one finger to click on the screen to help our pet go forward or stop. back to avoid the obstacles stretching along the way. It sounds easy, but later in the game the obstacles will have more shapes, faster and especially more irregular orbits.

At this point, you can only slow down to observe or use help. If not just a slight bump, your character will have to return to the starting line again, the difficulty is that, even if you are close to the finish line, you are wiped, everything must start again. It is such challenging gameplay that makes Egg Finder MOD APK a game with easy gameplay but extremely addictive.

Lovely mascot

The animals that we control are called mascots or pets. They usually have a circular texture with large eyes and colorful colors. Your task in this game is to lead these lovely mascots to collect all the fruits on their way, the reward for this is that the fruit can be used to collect. range of other pets. Most of these animals are not only aesthetically pleasing and fun, but they do not have any special abilities. However, not all of them are incompetent.

In Egg Finder MOD APK mode you will experience two divine pets named Felica and Omelette. Felica is a scaly, extremely colorful reptile that has a special ability to revive, ie, this beast after hitting an obstacle it will not bring us back to the starting line but will give chance for us again. It’s interesting, isn’t it? And Omelette has the shape of a standard half-fried egg, your special ability lies in the fact that there will be an energy bar on the side of the screen, when this bar is full you can move indestructible in the terrain without unmoved by any force.

If you are still not familiar, sometimes the game will let us try one of these two characters for free, why not experience it right? You can completely recharge or it is easier to download Egg Finder MOD APK latest version.

Egg Finder’s Amazing Adventure MOD APK

Egg Finder MOD APK will take you everywhere in its world. From stage 5 onwards, from the village of strawberries to the kingdom of the snowy mountains, . . . That is, the obstacles will also have changes according to each stage. In my opinion, this makes the game a lot more interesting.


The game has really done its job very well, which is to become a very entertaining Casual game. Simple graphics, catchy sound and extremely light capacity, just so many factors are enough to make Egg Finder online a super product. Now, what are you waiting for without downloading Egg Finder for free here?

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