Iron Man Movie Review – An Iron Man Film Review!

Iron Man is a mind-boggling Marvel Comics blockbuster that has everyone from kids to the most hardcore Iron Man fans going crazy over its release. With production starting in spring of 2021, production on Iron Man is expected to wrap up by the end of summer – although as of now, it looks like production may continue into summer. Iron Man has the potential to be Marvel’s next blockbuster hit, and with such a high demand for the Iron Man films, Disney is anxious to make as many Iron Man movies as possible. With Iron Man 2 on the way, they will definitely be building up the hype for The Mandarin and the other villains cast. There is even word that production on Iron Man 3 is already underway, so it appears that Iron Man is going to have the time of his life this coming November!

Iron Man is the story of the industrial revolution in Victorian England, when an industrialist named Tony Stark invites eight strangers to his home for a secret conference. During the conference, the industrialists plot against Tony Stark, believing him to be the rightful heir to the Iron Man fortune. But when the evil doctor Dr. Crawford arrives, he possesses the cyst containing the cure for an airborne disease that killed his father, but also has the ability to transform humans into super-powered soldiers. When the soldiers attack Tony’s home, the Iron Man suit comes off during battle, and Tony is badly beaten. Afterwards, a mysterious stranger contacts Iron Man and gives him the cyst, which allows Tony to become the Iron Man of this modern era.

Iron Man has earned itself a pretty good reputation. The first Iron Man movie review I gave was that it was an absolutely amazing film. The visual design of the Iron Man helmets and attire was incredible, and every element of the film – from the fighting, to the villain – was pulled off masterfully. Iron Man is set to be one of the year’s most popular films, and the upcoming sequel Iron Man 2 looks to continue the success of the first film. What is in store for Iron Man 2? Well, let’s find out through this Iron Man movie review!

Iron Man starts as Rhodey sets up an experimental weapons development center, where he plans to use the profits from the weapons sale to fund the research of an anti-aging nanotechnology company. One of the weapons causes mass destruction in New York City, which prompts Tony Stark to form a group of Iron Men in an effort to stop the attacks. While trying to evade capture, Iron Man is kidnapped by terrorists who want to use the technology for their own ends. After a short battle, Iron Man tracks down the terrorists, and after a tense moment with his friend Bucky (played by Anthony Mackie), he lets them go. A few days later, Rhodey contacts Tony and tells him about a mysterious weapon that can defeat any military defense system…

Iron Man makes quite an impact on the world of film, especially since its release in theaters a few months before The Movie franchise started. Although The First Movie was considered a box office flop, it did spawn four sequel films. Iron Man 3 is already in production and is expected to be released in May of 2021. If you’re going to wait for the third installment of this super hero series, then make sure you read this Iron Man movie review, because it will give you a much better idea about what to expect in this film.

I have seen all of the Iron Man films, and I cannot say I liked the second or third film as much as I loved the first. Hopefully I’ll get around to seeing the other Marvel films soon enough, but for now this is a great film to watch. If you like superhero movies with super powers, then you’ll love this one. You should also keep in mind that the cast is quite strong, and there are definitely memorable scenes. With some excellent special effects, and an engaging plot, it’s no surprise why Iron Man has become such a popular movie over the years.

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