Spider Man Movie Review

“Spider-Man” (following the highly successful Spider Man 3) focuses on teenaged Peter Parker who, following being bitten by a genetically altered spider, develops superhuman strength and the ability to stick to virtually any surface. He then vows to utilize his new skills for good and soon finds himself the target of a high-tech criminal named Electro. Spider-Man soon discovers that his powers can be transferred to someone else if he is exposed to high levels of voltage of electricity for too long but he is unable to do this due to his sensitive wiring.

But when an unfortunate girl Electro attacked becomes a victim of his electrical power, Spider-Man makes up his mind to go after her in order to save her. The chase that follows brings Spider-Man to a climatic battle with Electro where he finds himself losing. As a last resort he transforms into Spider-Man and engages Electro in a one on one battle. Spider-Man eventually beat him with a series of stunning moves that have left Electro shell-shocked. After this Spider-Man easily defeats Electro.

The story line in this movie is excellent. It is a great tale of heroism combined with fantastic set pieces. Spider-Man does an incredible job of proving that he has what it takes to fight evil. I was very impressed by the visual effects in this movie and it did live up to my anticipation of a Spider Man movie review.

The acting in this movie is where the acting really comes into play. Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man is quite simply great. He does a terrific job of playing the role and bringing elements from the comics to the big screen. People that don’t normally like comic book based movies will be surprised by the sheer realism that comes across in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It is very important to remember that Spider-Man has already appeared in previous movies so that it is easier for the actors to bring aspects of the comics to life on the big screen.

There are also some interesting plot twists throughout Spider-Man: Homecoming. One of the more surprising moments is when Iron Man allows Spider-Man to enter his house to retrieve his important paperwork. Spider-Man goes into the basement and finds Tony immediately following a briefcase he tossed. A briefcase that contains information about a top secret military project. The movie then goes back to Spider-Man confronting Tony, who now appears to be wearing a different costume and is holding a gun designed to kill Spider-Man.

Overall, this is a good Spider-Man movie that is entertaining to watch. I recommend that you see this movie with the whole family because of its excellent animation and fantastic story. If you have never watched Spider-Man before, I highly recommend giving Homecoming a try as it should turn out to be an enjoyable experience.

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