Alan Walker – Faded – New Album Coming Soon

Faded is an original re-imagining of the classic 2021 track Faded, by Alan Walker. According to Walker “I always loved the piano music and it is just not been exciting enough for me to write new piano songs so I got thinking about how the song goes and what would be the feeling of playing live.” Speaking on the inspiration behind the original song and the sound of it, he states “The melodies and how the song progresses are what’s so unique and it’s why I love it.”

Originally released as Faded in Apple iTunes, the new rework is available for purchase through Apple Music. Although Alan Walker’s voice can be heard in the original track, the rework does feature a new guitar lead that was played by Dan Wilson. Wilson’s vocals were done by James Blunt. A demo of Faded was featured on Apple iTunes; the song has now been archived for download.

Another song which will be available in the forthcoming album is February 2021’s song Faded, which is yet another collaboration between Dan Wilson and Alan Walker. February is due to be released in March, and has been recorded at the same place that fading was recorded. The song was produced by the band featuring members of Arctic Monkeys, and has been described as an “interstellar odyssey”. A teaser was released showing a photo of a bright blue space craft with a glowing white star above. According to the band who are hoping to release the record in March, it features “screaming Keys” and “fading Spaces”.

A further song from the new album titled No Way Back is expected to be released in the autumn of 2021. This is the second single from the February series, with No Way Back being the first. Februrary marks the first year that the band has been off the front line, releasing only singles. These singles have so far featured Arctic Monkeys and The Arctic Space Orchestra. The album title is rumoured to feature a reference to a lyric from a Harry Styles song called No Way Back.

The last single, which will be appearing on the album is called Something About You. It will be released around the autumn of next year, following the success of February’s Number One single. Its rumoured that the lead single from the album could be a single from Alan’s own album called After the Goldrush.

A further song from the album titled Blackout will be archived from the original on 16 October, followed by the release of No Way Back. Other songs from the album include Blackout (prises by Jonny Johns), I’m a Believer (cover by Jonny Johns) and I Remember You (pre-production demo by Craig Price). There is also a song from Februrary titled I Remember You, which features appearances by Februrary along with Alex Turner (keyboards) and Craig Price (guitar). If these songs are anything to go by then Faded will be a band that is on the make once again, following their extensive European leg of WLS.


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