Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift Videos and Album Reviews

“Look What You Made Me Do” is the first track from Taylor Swift’s latest album Reputation (2021), recorded with the band-joined forces of Sam Moore. This song was initially released as the first single from Swift’s album What So Not back in 2021, but it didn’t receive any airplay on the radio. Swift has now released her first song with the band since then. The lead-off single is now the second single from Reputation, following what was already a massive hit with last year’s Everything Tonight.

The first verse of the track, “Look,” is the most familiar Taylor Swift song that you probably have heard. This is probably her best-known work, and also possibly her most recognizable song, so it deserves to be heard once again by all music lovers. Swift croons her way through the lyrics, repeating the same words over again, but changing the order of each syllable in her delivery and phrasing to create her own sound. The hook here is her use of three syllable phrases that rhyme in order, which is typical of Swift’s style. The song gets its name from the final line of the last verse, where Swift claims that she did something “some people shoulda didn’t”, and that everyone shoulda done it too.

The music video for this song features Swift doing a sort of snake dance in the middle of a grassy area on the set, while wearing her signature strapless top and jeans. The music video for this song is the second single from Reputation, following what was already a massive hit with the audience of the first album of the year, albums that Swift released simultaneously. For those who want to get an instant reaction to what happened between Swift and her former lover, the music video will give you an idea.

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