Extreme Car Driving Simulator


Extreme Car Driving Simulator helps to simulate cars into the virtual world, creating a playground, saying an engaging driving experience for players. When entering the city in this game, you will be a great driver, free to press the gas, increase the speed to burn your best on the track.
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AxesInMotion Racing
Apr 4, 2023
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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the hottest, trending driving simulation games of 2014, thanks to its very realistic and advanced physics engine.

This is a game released in 2014 by the developer AxesinMotion Racing, with a download size of 74.96 MB and the required operating system is Android from 5.1 or higher.

Through years of development and attracting a large number of players, Extreme Car Driving Simulator has owned over 100 million downloads worldwide, a terrible number.

Style play

Extreme Car Driving Simulator android is an extremely interesting game that offers a great driving experience in the virtual world, creating the most realistic feeling.

Players are challenged, sitting behind the wheel of large displacement vehicles and driving. At the same time, the player must perform and complete the tasks in the game to be able to unlock other cars in the following rounds.

In the game, players are provided with throttle, brake, and lights controls to fully control their car.

The most dramatic thing is that in Extreme Car Driving Simulator online, you can freely perform slides, drifts, even overland, through buildings in the game extremely interesting.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator will display the number of kilometers per hour that the player is driving, helping them to feel the speed of their car and increase the drama.

The player’s task is to break all speed records in the game, to receive rewards, unlock more luxury cars and become a driving champion.

Graphics and sounds in Extreme Car Driving Simulator download

3D graphics are used very beautifully, creating the most realistic feeling, players like to sit on their favorite car and unleash speeding, conquering the track.

The colors, images are highly aesthetic, the cars, maps, and curves are simulated very realistically and attractively, helping players to be more immersed, more excited in becoming a good driver. famous, famous.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is extremely invested when simulating cars from famous brands such as: Nissan, Audi or Bugatti, … tested on the street or challenging closed circuits. no less attractive.

The sound is extremely vivid, true to the sound of the engine starting or the sound of tires when drifting

Pros and cons in Extreme Car Driving Simulator android

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that make up the name and attraction of this cult game:

  • Offers customization of your car, making it easy for you to control your car
  • Updated with many new interesting, eye-catching terrains, allowing you to take your car to new parts of the map
  • Enables the experience of driving around the airport when updating the airport mode
  • Take full control of your car, with useful options
  • Graphics and sounds come to life in every detail, helping you make your slides and kicks more dramatic and engaging.
  • Own the city, freely increase speed because on the street will not appear police and pedestrians.

In addition to the above advantages, players are also allowed to download Extreme Car Driving Simulator for free to their mobile devices

Besides, there will also be disadvantages and limitations in this game:

  • The steering controls are simple
  • There are some ads that reduce the gaming experience
  • Although there are some points that need to be overcome to bring a perfect experience for players, this is still the best and most desirable driving simulation game.

It has proven its appeal with a huge number of downloads on CH Play

Hurry up and download Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Just follow a few simple steps, you can own Extreme Car Driving Simulator android on your phone:

  • Step 1: Go to the CH Play app on your device
  • Step 2: Type “Extreme Car Driving Simulator” in the search bar
  • Step 3: Choose settings

Installation is very fast, you just need to enter the game and enjoy it right away!


After nearly 8 years since its release, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is still a game that retains its place in the market, attracting a large number of players.

It can be said that this is the most successful driving simulation game, bringing the most interesting and engaging experiences

If you are passionate about driving, want to try to conquer luxury cars, wriggle and break speed records, what are you waiting for without downloading the latest Extreme Car Driving Simulator to your device and challenge yourself. .