Shadow Fight 4: Arena


NEKKI has created an engaging role-playing game with a fresh and engaging style. Perhaps you used combat techniques to play Shadow Fight 3, where the intense drama of each encounter attracted a sizable number of players. Following that success, NEKKI has created Shadow Fight Arena Mod APK, a new improved version with the sound of intense battles. Players will encounter more attractive and engaging features in this version. You can compete with other online players in matches, dominate the leaderboards and earn the respect of your fellow warriors.
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Mar 29, 2023
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With a global fan base in the millions, Shadow Fight is one of the most popular fighting game series available today. The sequel to the Shadow Fight series called Shadow Fight Arena online will be released at the end of 2019 according to NEKKI. Gamers around the world have paid a lot of attention to this launch event. Because Shadow Fight 3’s very successful PvP feature is seen as an “upgraded” version of Shadow Fight Arena APK.

Players will participate in single arena competitions against opponents from around the world in this new version. Gather a team of formidable heroes and are you ready to compete for the top spot on the worldwide leaderboard? Download Shadow Fight Arena for free to experience it now!

Attractive PvP mode in Shadow Fight Arena online game

In Shadow Fight Arena mobile PvP mode is exclusively designed to play online with real-time matches.

Compared to Shadow Fight 3 APK, there are also differences in mechanics. Specifically, to play against the remaining opponent’s team, you will join a team of up to 3 members at the start of a new battle. The other (sub) member of the team will be sent to the arena if a member of one faction is killed, and so on until the entire team is eliminated.

The match in Shadow Fight Arena online takes place with no time limit, only ending when one of the two factions is defeated. The winning team will continue to play the losing team without restoring or resetting their HP.

Use skills skillfully

Also, there is no time limit for the battles in Shadow Fight Arena Mod APK; instead, the game ends when either team loses. If either party succeeds at that point, they will continue their quest for popularity. The classic combat system, which does not allow healing, still supports the effective use of skills, combos and flexibility in movement.

For example, you can use the virtual key at a 45-degree angle when you want to move while also jumping up. When used in conjunction with the skills on the right side of the screen, will create extremely deadly damage and attacks that the opponent cannot predict. You must practice and engage in combat to acquire your own collection of special talents in addition to learning how to master skills.

Various characters

You will control special characters from the new evil branch in Shadow Fight Arena mobile. with a mechanism that allows you to access more than 13 characters.

To unlock and use the respective characters, enter the arena and win the battles. In the kingdom of Shadow Fight, you will also meet and interact with many famous characters.

To unlock additional characters, you can also collect the necessary cards. You can determine a character’s rarity rating by looking at the colors of the cards. Purple is legendary, yellow is rare and blue is common, and they are rated high to low.

Skill upgrade

Each character will have their own skills as well as different strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you can shape your character’s fighting style through training. To make the character stronger, increase the character’s basic attack and defense stats as well as other skills like passive/active and shadow abilities. Characters can also level up and earn experience points when participating in combat.

Weapons and equipment

Shadow Fight Arena APK offers a wide selection of weapons with a total of more than 100 pieces, no less than previous iterations. To maximize your chances of success, choose the right weapon for your team. Weapons can affect the character’s combat attributes.

Equipment can be upgraded and provide a lot of power. Upgrading accessories such as armor, hats, and gloves can have a lot of effect on the character. As an illustration, some armor can increase the protection stat to reduce all enemy damage to the character when using the skill.

Nice graphics

The game has the best and most current visuals in the Shadow Fight Arena Download series. To give users a fresh experience, the game’s context is carefully and meticulously created

In addition, compared to Shadow Fight 3, the effect of the battle is significantly better. In particular, the movement of the character is shown very realistically and flexibly.

Download Shadow Fight Arena for Android

With the upgraded gameplay and popularity of the game you should not ignore this interesting game, download the latest version of Shadow Fight Arena to experience and successfully role-play.

What's new

- Ranked Seasons - participate in seasons and get a new currency - Insignias! Spend it on valuable rewards and exclusive skins;

- Leaderboard - view the overall rating of players, as well as separately for 1v1 and 3v3 modes;

- Improved progression system of the heroes - after your feedback and suggestions, we improved the shard system;

- Scoring in the ranked mode updated;

- Improved matchmaking.