Truck Simulator : Ultimate

You will experience an extremely exciting feeling that you have never had before, which is becoming the boss of a real chain of transportation companies. You will run your company from a to z with no help from anyone. The game Truck Simulator Ultimate APK right from its launch has attracted a lot of people very excited by this interesting gameplay. The following article will introduce to help you understand more about this game.
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You will be involved in tasks such as hiring staff, selecting quality cars, receiving orders… directly. Moreover you can also become a real long distance truck driver. Your ancient company has become strong and rich because of your relentless work and efforts.

This Truck Simulator Ultimate Online game has attracted a lot of players, especially young people, because of its unique gameplay. The seemingly normal activities are brought into the game every day and portray an extremely realistic feature that makes players able to experience the feeling of a real boss. The graphics of the game are also extremely realistic in each context, the roads along with many attractive missions have made this game more and more attractive to more players.

The gameplay of Truck Simulator Ultimate Free

In addition to the duties of running a real shipping company. You will have to take on a major job and become a truck driver. If you think that becoming a truck driver is all about driving to your destination, you are wrong. On your way there will be many difficulties as well as obstacles and you must overcome to be able to complete your order on time.

The game has described extremely truthfully from the road, traffic system, toll station… in an extremely realistic way. Almost everything a driver experiences and has experienced in this Truck Simulator Ultimate Unlimited Money game you must also feel. In the cockpit is also simulated in an extremely realistic way from the dashboard to the steering wheel. Self-driving and controlling a large truck is not an easy task.

Its most difficult point is probably because of its large size, so the road and bends will become much more difficult than small cars. So to complete the task in this game, you need to have experience and skillful handling of situations to be able to complete the task well.

On the way, you need to comply with all the provisions of traffic safety laws and especially not allow any collisions with pedestrians as well as other vehicles. When you violate the traffic law, you will definitely be detained by the police, which will affect the progress of your work as well as lose a large amount of gold that you have worked hard to complete the task to have. Okay.

Complete missions in Truck Simulator Ultimate Free

After completing the tasks that are bad, you will receive back for yourself extremely appropriate rewards. Those rewards are gold coins, truck upgrades and many other things that help you improve and expand your transportation company. Gold coins in the game Truck Simulator Ultimate Update can help you buy a lot of upgrades for your truck or can buy a new vehicle with a larger capacity and transport more goods. And this amount of gold is also a reserve for you if you are unfortunately caught by the traffic police and forced to pay a fine.

Various types of vehicles in Truck Simulator Ultimate Free

In the game Truck Simulator Ultimate Android, there are many different types of vehicles, you will own yourself with large capacity trucks, heavy vehicles with new trucks and transport a lot of goods. chemical. You will own it by using gold coins after completing the quest to buy cars in the shop.


With the unique gameplay, this Truck Simulator Ultimate Mobile game has its own unique color. You will experience the feeling of a truck driver as well as a real truck company boss. Download this Truck Simulator Ultimate Free and experience or have fun moments that it promises to never let you down.